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Finding a Qualified Attorney to Sort Out Your Family Law Matters

Relationship breakdowns have disastrous repercussions, to say the least. Married couples who exhibit endless bickering and want to stay as far away as possible from each other may well be one of the worst conflicts no one will ever want to witness, or much less deal with.

You may find the movies depicting divorces and separations to be extremely painful times for a family. Exaggerated as the circumstances may seem, there is an underlying truth to it as far as misery and troubles are concerned. In these situations, it is the welfare of the children – who often suffer more pain and inconvenience than the couple themselves – who should take the top priority over other issues. Property acquired as an individual or as a couple may need to be taken into account as well, because divorces generally involve settling of assets.

If you find yourself in the same situation and need a legal professional to shed light on the matter, hiring a family lawyer is the best way to go. If you are concerned with the welfare of your kids and want their interests protected, find a qualified attorney to help you sort things out.

Anyone who has gone through divorce proceedings, or is in any way a part of it, will attest to the fact that the process of finding the right family law specialist is no easy task. Next to deciding to move on with your life, it may be the toughest decision you will ever make. When on the hunt for the best attorney to help you out with your legal issue, it pays to do your homework and exercise caution.

If you find yourself a loss when looking for a family law practitioner, breathe and start from the beginning. Sit in front of your computer and look for relevant law firms in your area. You may check out directories to help you streamline the search process. In most cases, you will find many lawyers who seem to be cut out for the job. Visit their websites and make intelligent comparisons.

Comparing your options will entail a great deal of care as well. There are certain factors you should consider, including the legal team’s experience, reputation, areas of specialization and fees. Explore what they can offer you, and picture how their skills can help iron out your family law matters in a smooth and expedited fashion.

If you prefer to skip the phase of in-depth research, turn to referrals. Ask a friend about a qualified lawyer to help you handle the legal facet of the family and relationship issues you are facing. There is no better guarantee for good (or bad) service than real clients’ testimonials.

It is a sad reality that many people hire a lawyer based solely on the fact that they need legal representation. They simply engage the services of a legal firm, affix their signatures on pieces of paper for formality’s sake, and show up in court. While this may be your preferred route, you are risking failure in the legal proceeding, and end up frustrated with the results.

To avoid this, you should consider a specialist who focuses on family law and truly get your money’s worth. A qualified legal counsel who is knowledgeable in the field can get you through the often hurtful and complex divorce and settlement process until it finally reaches its conclusion.

Legal solutions made clear as water by Legal Experts

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Your Lawyer Can Give You The Best Legal Help For Your Case

If you’ve found yourself with a legal problem, the first person you should talk to should be your lawyer. All types of reasons can involve any one of us in a courtroom. Not all of these scenarios may involve jail time or a significant sum or money, but may decide in future employment or even the custody of children. It is of the utmost importance that you hire the best firm or practitioner in the field for your specific type of case.

Any reputable law office stands by the offer of a free, initial consultation. This is a valuable opportunity for both parties involved to gain a better understanding of what is needed and to better help each other. Take this time to find out as much about the firm you are considering and how easy it will be to possibly work with the individual you are meeting. This is the time to bring up questions regarding an attorney’s overall experience in and out of the courtroom in regards to cases he or she has won. In addition, ask how much formal training and education the lawyer you are speaking to has in regards to the situation you need assistance with.

When you are in need of legal representation, it is wise to keep your options open and consider more than one possible attorney. Depending on the type of case you are involved with, it may take a long time to settle which means that it could end up being expensive in regards to who is defending you. You will want to find someone who is amply qualified and experienced with the skills you need, but not too costly.

Depending on what you may need defense with, it might be best to seek out a law office that is experienced in multiple areas of law. Certain court matters can deal with multiple areas of legal matters, so it might best suit your needs to have a lawyer that is well versed in all types of legality.

Upon making a final decision regarding the attorney you will retain, be sure to be as honest as possible with all the details of your situation. Every slightest piece of information can bear on the overall outcome of your case, so keep in mind that your advisor is there to help you. Withholding anything from your representation can end up costing you in more ways than one.

Ultimately, your lawyer should be the individual that you feel best meshes with you– not someone you are pressured to accept because of money issues. If you keep your options open and seek out a few possible candidates for retention, you will find not only the best defense, but also one that is affordable. Take your time and be sure to ask as many questions as you need when meeting with any attorney to know you are hiring the best available.

An experienced Rockville MD lawyer can help guide you through the perilous byways of the legal system so that your case has the greatest chance of success. Learn more here:

What Is A Partnership Agreement

What is a partnership?
Partnership is a backbone of the economy. It plays a vital role in the economy. A partnership varies from business to business. The law which regulates the general partnership is Partnership Act 1890.
The consent of the all partners to enter into partnership agreement is necessary. Family businesses are often conducted in partnerships. All partners of the partnership must be of sound age.

Definition of partnership
A partnership explained in (1877) 5 Ch D 458, 472:

A partnership is a legal contract between two or more partners for carrying on commercial business with a view to earn and share the profit with another partner.

Business types
The main types of business structures commonly used by small are:
Sole trader: an individual trading on their own.
Partnership: an association of people or entities carrying on a business together, but not as a company.
Trust: an entity that holds property or income for the benefit of others.
Company: a legal entity separate from its shareholders.

Partnership agreement or deed of partnership does not require the registration and it avoids the legal formalities. It is very flexible.

Duration of Partnership
Partnership can be categorized as:
Partnership at will
Partnership for fixed term

If the partnership agreement does not specify the duration of the agreement then the any partner can dissolve the partnership by giving notice to other partner.

In partnership at fixed term the partnership dissolved after the expiration of the fixed term. In a fixed term partnership, a partner can only retire from the partnership with the consent of the other partners. Otherwise, he has to apply to the court under section 35 of the 1890 Act for the winding up the firm.

Fiduciary duties
It was held in the Carmichael v Evans [1904] 1 Ch 486 case that:

Partners place mutual trust and confidence in each other. They stand in a fiduciary relationship. A partner must display the utmost good faith towards his fellow partners in all partnership dealings. A partner owes his co-partners a duty to be honest in his dealings with third parties, even if the transactions are not of a partnership nature.

Written partnership agreement
It is the not requirement of the law that partnership agreement must be in written form. However it is essential to use written agreement to form a partnership. Written partnership agreement removes the uncertainty, misunderstanding between the parties. Courts always prefer the written agreement because written agreement reflects the intention of the parties.

Expulsion of the partners
Section 25 of the Partnership Act states that:
No majority of the partners can expel any partner unless a power to do so has been conferred by express agreement between the partners.

Advantages of Partnership
The major advantages of the partnership are:

Applicability of few government regulations;
tax advantages
share of profits and risk equally ;
more investment
privacy of information
more partners to share work load

Dissolution of the partnership
A partnership can be dissolved in number of ways. Such as:
By expiry of the tem;
By operation of the law;
By court;
bankruptcy or death of the partner

Net Lawman provides the comprehensive partnership agreement. Such as:

Partnership Agreement
A comprehensive partnership agreement suitable for businesses in any industry and with any number of partners. Written as a long form document it allows you to amend the default provisions of the Partnership Act 1890 and also provides additional terms covering how a modern day business operates.

Federal and State Labor Law Posters for Employers and Justice

If we see now the authorities have made these federal and state labor posters compulsory for the businesses. These federal, state and OSHA posters come together in fact it merge OSHA posters with the federal ones. It makes bit easier to fulfill and bring calmness to the mind. In Florida the labor posters come up because the work force asked the authorities to give them better rights and protection to their rights, so thing can go fine for them on work place. It happens because the demands of the owners to limit the rights and powers of the work force, in most of the companies they wanted to keep the costs price normally low by doing this. Thats why authorities have made and brought these federal and state posters up enough to protect the workers rights, so that they have better earnings, managerial bodies, and health, safety and equal chances circumstances. They have need of a lot more than these. The trade unions working for workers in the organizations basically exceeding industrial clashes, and helping to increase the political supremacy which is opposed by most of the employers and owners.

As far as wages are concern there are many laws which are stating that an employee must get a minimum wage according to his work per hour. This lowest limit of wage is often different from the lowest wage which is considered by the employers in the market. In Florida these law posters require some parameters such as minimum wage, child labor, workers’ reimbursements, etc. The anti-discrimination is against the work force, and this is totally illegal and unlawful and morally unacceptable as well. These federal and state posters make sure that no employer can fire any employee with out any reason; they can only do this when there is a genuine reason. The work force must be allowed to defend their self before they get fired. They have their legal privileges which facilitate them to come up and defend them selves against the allegations. And authorities make sure that they are judged honestly and fairly.

Most of the time just because they are the minorities, such people are hassled not to defend their selves. If we talk about child labor, it also considered as an illegal act by the law. This child labor law is exploited in most of countries at the international level. The main and the basic purpose of these federal state labor law posters are to protect the right of the employees and deal with such obligations. Florida labor law poster deals with the lawful privileges of the employees and the limitations on the people and working of the organization. It is such an authoritative body that can address rules and regulations, standards and managerial rulings of the rights of the workers. It actually, acts as its going between the aspect of the relationships of the trade unions, work force and the employers. Basically the labor laws are more concerned with the employees’ legal rights. The labor law is helpful for the enacting laws shielding their rights for centuries. These are essential towards the economic and social development.

Divorce Law Myths in Australia

There are many myths about the laws that govern divorce in Australia. A lot of television shows, such as Boston Legal will have many viewers believing that divorce is a complicated and daunting process. However the majority of divorces never make it to court and only about 5% actually have a judge that makes the final decision. The majority of divorce claims reach a mutual agreement between the two parties before entering the courtroom.

The assistance of a lawyer will speed up the process and will guide you through any complications along the way. A qualified divorce lawyer can answer all questions relating to your divorce claim, including child custody, courtroom affairs and division of assets and property. In most cases your lawyer will be able to reach a settlement with the other party without standing before a judge.

Equal Child Custody
The idea that children will receive equal custody by both parents is not true and neither is the thought that mothers receive more custody. There are a few legislations that state equal child custody however these legislations are not mandatory. The truth is child custody is decided by 3 factors; firstly the childs age and their ability to decide which parent is in their best interest.

Secondly, the safety of the venue the child will be residing, including the home, contents and the surrounding area. Lastly is the practicality of the arrangement, including the distance from school and other facilities the child requires. Another myth surrounding child custody is that there is a high abuse rate. The abuse rate is actually higher in intact families as opposed to separated families where both parents have custody.

Half All Assets and Property
Again only 5% of divorce claims settle property and assets before a judge, as the majority of claims are settled outside of court. Even when settling before a judge, the chance of receiving equal amounts is very rare. In contrast to what many people believe, the earning capacity of each spouse is not the basis for the division of property and assets. Rather home duties are weighed together and the home maker will in most cases receive up to 70%.

For example the father may be more employable than the mother; however the mother has more home caring skills and will most likely end up with a larger settlement. There are cases where the main home carer will not receive the majority of property and assets, and that is when assets exceed an exceptional amount, such as property over one million dollars.

The Jury Decides
Nearly all matters concerning family law will not have a jury and will only have a judge. Divorce claims are held in family or federal courts, where only a judge, registrar or magistrate is present. The only exception is criminal acts, which are not treated as family law and are handled differently.

The majority of simple answers surrounding divorce law are myths, because they cannot be explained briefly. If you are serious about a divorce claim, then you should consult a professional family divorce lawyer. The best way is to jump online and Google family lawyers in your area.

Your Subconscious Programming And The Law Of Attraction

If you have been trying to apply the law of attraction to change something in your life, but not getting the results that you want, your subconscious programming has probably been getting in the way.

Your mind is made up of two parts – your conscious mind which is basically everything that you are aware of (what we think of as the reasoning, thinking mind), and your subconscious which is all the mental activity that is below or out of conscious awareness (which includes memories, beliefs, values, emotions, intuition and all the automatic processes in the body that we are not consciously aware of like breathing, digestion, elimination, contracting and relaxing muscles and so on).

When you are born, your subconscious is like an empty sponge ready to fill up with feedback from your environment and the people around you. From birth until around age eight, a childs subconscious takes on the beliefs and values of the important people in their life  parents, older siblings, aunts, uncles, teachers, religious leaders and even television characters that they watch a lot  all without any filtering or examination for truth or relevance.

At the same time, the child also continuously makes decisions about the world and their place in it based on what is happening around them which then also become beliefs stored in the subconscious. So, for example, if you were born into a loving household where all your needs were instantly met, your subconscious would likely have formed beliefs that I am loveable, the world is safe and supportive, and I am always provided for.

On the other hand, if you were born into a household where your parents were sometimes stressed and arguing, and your needs were sometimes met and sometimes not met, your subconscious would likely have formed beliefs like I am only loved when  (conditional love), the world is scary and not supportive, and I am not provided for or I am only provided for when  (eg I am good enough, loveable enough, quiet enough, smart enough etc).

All these early decisions and unquestioning acceptance of others beliefs and values then form the subconscious programming that becomes the filters through which the child, and later adult, see and experience the world. So, if you have a subconscious belief that money is hard to come by, that will be your experience of the world. You will not notice opportunities to bring money in more easily, will not be attracted to, or will be suspicious of jobs that are not hard. You would probably not even notice, and therefore walk straight past, a $100 bill lying on the sidewalk  all because your subconscious programming has trained you not to see what doesnt fit into your view of the world.

This happens because of the way that the mind is structured. Whenever you are not using your conscious mind to direct your thoughts, learn something new or handle complex tasks; your subconscious mind automatically takes over, like a faithful servant. As soon as the conscious mind masters a task, for example, driving a car, it hands it over to the subconscious mind who will replay the pattern whenever required, in this case, when traffic and road conditions are safe, we will slip into autopilot and maybe even arrive at our destination without being consciously aware of how we got there, or slip back into conscious awareness at some point in the journey and not be entirely sure where we are until we pass the next familiar landmark. We seamlessly slip between the conscious and subconscious minds hundreds of times a day.

This slipping between conscious and subconscious is also why it can be so difficult to follow through with decisions such starting an exercise program or giving up smoking because as soon as your conscious mind stops focusing on the new goal, your subconscious mind will direct your behaviours back to the old established habits.

While the subconscious is excellent at handling all those tasks we no longer need full conscious awareness for, it is also an excellent multi-tasker, replaying all your old programming on an almost constant loop, in the background, including any disempowering beliefs that are no longer relevant or helpful. Scientists estimate that between 94% to 98% of all thoughts, on average, arise from the subconscious mind and, because of the looping effect, upwards of 90% of the thoughts that you think today will be the same as the thoughts that you had yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, which most likely means that the life that you are creating tomorrow will be exactly the same as today.

This is why people become disappointed when they first start using the law of attraction and dont see immediate results. the law of attraction responds to our vibrations 24/7 and our conscious mind, even with the best intent and a superhuman level of focus would maybe influence only up to 10% of your thoughts and, therefore, vibrations. So, if your subconscious programming supports your law of attraction efforts – you will see results – fast! However, if your subconscious programming is disempowering and not in alignment with your desires, your vibrations in relation to that desire will be working against you and your results will be patchy at best and maybe even non-existent in the short term.

So, if youre not getting the results you want with the law of attraction, dont blame yourself  its the way youve been designed. But, before you get ready to give up and say its no good, Ill forever be a slave to my subconscious programming, there are ways to change your subconscious beliefs and there are many ways to do it.

I dont believe that there is any one method that suits everyone  were all individuals and what suits one may not suit another. Based on my experiences, however, here are the best ways to change your subconscious programming:

-EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and its more complicated cousin TFT (Thought Field Therapy)
-NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
-Kinesiology and other energy therapies
-meditation  stops the mental chatter and allows you to access the subconscious mind
-Visualisation  repetition of a powerful image will gradually change subconscious beliefs
-Affirmations  expressed in such a way that they do not oppose the existing belief so rather than I am slim which the mind knows is not true, try I am in the process of becoming slim which is far easier for the mind to accept
-Challenging beliefs as they arise through psychological techniques like rational emotive therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy

Experiment with what works best for you and, no matter which technique you choose, persistence will be the key to success.

The Advantages of Legal Billing Software

Today’s busy law office calls for optimal efficiency. As attorneys and law firms compete for clients they are routinely challenged to deliver services at lower costs with greater efficiency, thus firms develop practice-specific processes and utilize contemporary technologies to assist in meeting such challenges.

Capturing all billable time and generating invoices in a timely manner are critical for law firm profitability. Legal billing software is one way to improve compliance and cut costs.

What Does Legal Billing Software Do?

A legal software should include everything you need to maintain client matters and contact lists, perform conflict checks, enter billable time and costs, record cash receipts, manage trust and retainer accounts, and generate bills and management reports. Applications enable an integrated solution to automate case management, tracking, client histories and contracts as well as billing and accounting activities.

Good time tracking software pays for itself. Being able to precisely track the time spent on various projects lets you bill your clients accurately and manage your time more efficiently. Time tracking software programs should be easy to learn and use, and include reporting and billing features.

Why Use Legal Billing Software?

Legal software is an efficient way to handle your firm’s financial records. Nowadays, time and billing software is used by hundreds of lawyers in almost every practice, to better track and bill their time. A few advantages of this automated software include:

* Accuracy: Legal software offers an accurate bookkeeping system that helps maintain the highest standards of compliance, which is extremely important for any legal firm. Tracking and managing time and expenses in a timely and professional manner is key to firm profitability and translates to shortened turnaround time for collections. * Ease of Use: The best part is that legal billing software can be used by anyone with little or no training. That means you can track the bank activity of your law firm and reconcile accounts when needed, quickly and without sweating.

* Easy to Install: As a standalone application, legal billing software can be installed easily, takes minimal time to set up, configure, and use.

* Automation: The key feature of billing software is that it automates recurrent billing cycles. If you have regular or repeat clients, or if you’re consistently invoicing a certain company for the provision of products or services, the software eliminates a lot of unnecessary paperwork and hassles by creating new invoices automatically.

* Multiple Users: If your firm uses a wired or wireless network, your billing software can be set up to support multiple users across your entire network. You can create additional password protections to ensure that only authorized users and employees are able to access your bills and invoices.

* Time Saver: The major advantage of billing software is that it sharply reduces the amount of time and labor that you or your employees need to spend creating invoices. By automating the process, you can collect payment more quickly and enjoy efficiency improvements that will resonate throughout your entire organization.

Thomas Davidson, principal of the information technology consulting division for Rippe & Kingston, is the author of article on legal billing software and legal case management. Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc. is an international information technology solutions and services firm with clients in 43 states and nine countries.

Wrongful Termination – Just What Are Your Rights

Wrongful termination at work is when a company has terminated or let go a staff member, and then the rights of a staff member were violated. Some states include included a work at will policy that declares an employer can eliminate an employees position with or with out cause, and a worker can leave their job any time. However, exclusions towards the policies apply most of the time.

If a staff believes that they have really been wrongfully terminated, they have to think about perhaps the employer has a good cause of terminating them. There is several stuff that could possibly make up getting unfairly terminated, like discrimination, retaliation, defamation of character, break of contract, breach of good faith or terrific working problems. For most states, workers are not to be terminated for state military leave or jury duty.

Can discrimination makeup inappropriate termination?

Discrimination contains terminating because of race, gender, handicap or certain additional instances. A company can even not retaliate for items that the employee is doing, for example, whistle blowing. As well as, it could be viewed as inappropriate firing for making wrong accusations, such as robbing, against a worker. Secondly, a company really can’t terminate a worker if they are in contract unless there’s an escape cause within the contract.

There are several govt. departments that are ready to guide employers who’ve been unfairly terminated. The U.S Department of Labor regulates laws concerting employment. In addition, The Equivalent Career Possibility Commission considers it unlawful to discriminate.

For people who want to file a wrongful termination complaint, they can file that has a government organization that imposes labor laws, or they might file a non-public lawsuit against the employer. Sometimes, non-public law suits might possibly be the only thing might successfully solve the issue.

What could be the compensation for wrongful termination?

If a staff is seen having been wrongfully terminated, the particular employer could possibly be required to compensate the worker for lost earnings, charges, emotional strains and emotional damages. Plaintiffs will also be compensated for legal fees. Settlements differ but often start from $100,000 to $ 1 million. An attorney can really help workers determine the money they need to pursue. The majority of the suits are settled outside of court once an employer gets instructions from a legal professional. Before an employee can get inappropriate compensation, they should prove that they were treated unfairly.

Well before pursuing a lawsuit, it is essential for those to research their options to determine the best method to help them to take. Staffs members have to take one step at a time, form a plan after which they might hire legal counsel to get justice regarding their wrongful termination.

Land & Property Law in Thailand

Thailand is an incredible country much famed for its serenity and rich culture. In fact, the country is much popular among the tourists, and is now the number one tourist spot in South-East Asia. With its mind blowing scenery, stupendous beaches, idyllic tropical islands, and a myriad of attractions covering palaces, ancient shrines, interesting museums, historic monuments, and places of cultural significance, Thailand has been drawing holidaymakers from across the world per year.

Of which many of the people, especially Europeans and Americans, settle down here permanently, inspired by the incredibility of the place. Some westerns have even chosen certain destinations in Thailand such as Koh Samui, Pattaya, and Phuket, to spend their retirement life.

Factors such as exceptional low prices and excellent investment potential have also lured large number of people to invest in the country’s property market. All these have led to increased demand for property in Thailand. Property market in Thailand is highly active, with a number of options, ranging from land and houses to condominiums, villas, and serviced apartments. Discussed further in this article are laws as well as procedures involved in connection with owning a property in Thailand.

The laws with regard to owning a property in the country is quite confusing. A foreigner cannot easily own a property in Thailand. In other words, Thai law strictly prohibits a foreigner to own a freehold land in the country. However, there are certain loopholes in the law regarding this issue. A foreigner can own a land or property in the country through a number of ways such as land leases, company ownership, investments, and above all, through Thai spouse.

Land Leases – Although Thai law prohibits land ownership rights to people, foreigners are allowed to hold 100% interest in a land lease in the country. In other words, land lease is one of the simplest as well as straightforward options for a foreigner to acquire a property in Thailand. According to the Thai lease law, a maximum of 30-year lease year is provided, and that too with the option to renew the lease for an additional period of 30 years.

Additionally, lands for commercial as well as industrial purposes could be leased up to a period of 50 years, with options for further extension of lease. All kinds of land lease must be registered with the Land Development. However, it is not required to register leases up to three years. It has been made mandatory to register any kind of lease renewal that has been agreed upon with the land owners at the local land office.

Company Ownership – Registered companies in Thailand with majority Thai ownership could buy land in Thailand. In general, only Thai majority companies are allowed to own land in the country. However, in certain instances, the Board of Investment (BOI) allows a foreign registered company registered in the country to own a land for a short period of time.

Thai Spouse – A Thai wife of a foreigner is allowed to own a land or property in the country in her own name. This option is a very good way to own to a property in Thailand if there is not any marital problem between the couples.

However, it has been made mandatory for the couples to sign declarations with the Land Department. This in turn is to specify that the funds used are the property of the Thai spouse. But, it may sometimes become a problem in case of divorce. In such a situation, an expertly prepared prenuptial agreement may prove helpful for the non-Thai spouse.

Investment – As per the Thai property law, a foreigner is allowed to purchase a limited amount of land, on the basis of investment of about 40 million bahts for five consecutive years, provided if the land is for residential purpose.

Despite any other aforesaid options, one of the best ways to purchase a property in Thailand is via the purchase of a condominium unit. The Thai government does not impose any kind of restrictions on foreigners to own a condo unit in Pattaya, except for some requirements to be met under the Condominium Act (1979), such as bringing in 100% of funds for the purchase of condo unit in foreign currency and recording of it by a Thai bank on a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form (FETF), which in turn is considered an evidence to submit it to the Land Department.

A number of firms are now in the scenario to help you deal with the legal procedures in connection with the owning of a land or property in the country. They undertake a plethora of services such as purchase as well as sale agreement, asset purchase transactions, transfer and lien registrations, title searches, and industrial estates.