What Is Lexpert And CongratulationsSiskinds

A Lexpert is an award that is given to lawyers who have proven success in their practice for more than forty years. This award extends to all aspects of their practice including promoting change for their clients, firms, colleagues and community.

The 2012 Award Goes to Siskinds

Siskinds Law Firm has been honoured with this award for their success in the field. James Caskey and Scott Richie have been practicing law for over forty years and have the privilege of being able to add these awards to the firm’s growing number of designations and recognition that has made the firm one of the most successful practices in the country.

As multi-disciplinary lawyers, their firm, which consists of over 100 expert practicing lawyers, has touched the lives of thousands of people. As personal injury lawyers, their firm has to be dedicated to assisting people receive the financial support that they are owed, and have missed out on, due to not being able to work or live their lifestyles as they normally would. As bankruptcy lawyers, they have helped their clients to begin the process of starting over.

It’s not all About the Practice

However, it’s not just about their clients. The award-winning barristers have mentored new lawyers and have helped them to integrate into the profession and have been motivators, mentors, and an inspiration to those around them.

A large part of being awarded the Lexpert Zenith award is being a success in all areas of practice but not simply on a professional level. This also includes putting the best interests of the client first, hosting events that works toward the greater good of the community, and being a friend to fellow barristers. Both Mr. Richie and Caskey have a number of testimonials and well-wishes after it was announced that they had been awarded the Lexpert Zenith for 2012. Some of these include:

-Jamie and Scott are stellar examples of what innovation, leadership and mentorship in law are. They embody legal acumen, civility and integrity with a grace few possess. Thank you to both for their kind support and encouragement over the years. An excellent example is the strongest force of change.- -Anna Szczurko, Associate

-Congratulations to both Jim and Scott for a lifetime of service to the profession. Both Jim and Scott embody the very best qualities of a barrister in both their professional and personal lives. Each represents a professional who gives thoughtful and able counsel, are respected by their clients and fellow practitioners, and are guided by honour and a sense of fair play. The profession has benefitted by their membership for a generation. I am privileged to have been associated with Jim and Scott during my time at Siskinds LLP.- – Gregory Clark, Partner

This award will serve as a motivator for other lawyers who strive to be the best barrister for their community, firm and clients. Siskinds promises another forty years of talent and the best lawyers in the industry. Visit,  Siskinds Law Firm