An Overview Of New York Law Schools

The state of New York offers a large selection of reputable law schools, with nearly two dozens in the ranks, from the renowned Columbia School of Law to the more affordable state university. Following is a brief alphabetical overview of some of the possibilities.

Located in the state capital, Albany Law School was founded in 1851 and is the nation’s oldest independent law school. The school is located near the Court of Appeals and other government agencies affording the student with vast opportunities such as internships and the ability to see law in action is a wonderful supplement to the extensive classroom training. The cost of tuition for the 2008-2009 academic year is $38,900.

The Brooklyn Law School first opened their doors in 1901. Back then, the school was located in the basement of a business school on Ryerson Street. That first year saw thirteen first year students and five-second year students pass though their doors.

The school was known from the start as an equal opportunity educational facilities blind to race or ethnic background, welcoming African-American students as early as 1909. In the heart of Brooklyn, the law school is in the very beat of the world’s cultural and legal center of the world. Tuition for the 2008-2009 academic year is listed as $42,350. For more information please go to their website.

Originally founded in 1754 under the name of King’s College, what is now known as Columbia University was founded in 1754 as King’s College. After a brief respite during the Revolution the school reopened in 1784 under its present name of Columbia. The law school offers a diverse choice of studies with many focused courses available, such as business law, environmental law and the lesser available courses like gender studies and clinics in action.

The law school list’s its current tuition at $44,124 for the full academic year. For more detailed information you can visit their website.

Cornell University does not hold the distinction of a top ten law school but it does offer an outstanding education facility that limits its enrollment to a maximum of 180 students per year. This is less than a third of what are accepted into Harvard and afford each student a highly personalized education.

Cornell Law admitted its first class of, mainly male, law students in 1887 and offered a new age from of teaching, with clerk-ships and on the job training at many of the legal offices in the city. Tuition is listed as $46,670.

There are many other fine choices such as New York University, Fordham University and the lesser known Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University which continues to expand and impress each year.