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Important Attachment And Contents Of An Attorney Resume

An attorney resume is a very important attachment when you are applying for a job. It must be made appealing and presentable by writing it on immaculate white stationery. Resume states your personal details including your academic background and work experience.

The attorney resume still conforms to the usual contents with some modifications though which is obviously not inevitable. A sense of uniqueness may be found on the working experience and legal practice of the applicant. In a nutshell, a reader can always say that the applicant is a master of all trades. When the person applying for a job is a lawyer there may be a unique format and style though it does not deviate totally from the standard format in making one.

Tremendous hardships have been encountered. to have the title of an “Attorney”. It is never a joke before a person becomes a lawyer. A law graduate who has eventually earned this prestigious title can really cry remembering those sleepless nights and mind-twisting gymnastics with their professors, not to mention the thrill and drama of taking the Bar Exams. It is relevant to include the academic background of the applicant, particularly the law school where he or she has earned such noble degree.

As a credential for job application, a certification for his admission to the legal practice will suffice. The certification issued by the Supreme Court serves as evidence of legitimacy as member of the Bar. A practicing lawyer must be recognized through membership in the bar where names are found in a roster of lawyers.

Aspiring for better opportunities in life is not a monopoly of anyone, thus it is not surprising when you hear of a law practitioner applying for a corporate position. It must be noted that lawyers are also people who wish to discover new avenues in life in line with their legal practice. These law professionals may be in established law firms and have made a name for themselves through their years of practice yet they want greater adventure and you will learn that they also make an attorney resume.

Corporate Law Jobs And The Opportunities They Provide

Career opportunities are abundant for those that seek employment in corporate law jobs. In-house counsel is needed for many of the larger corporations that exist today. Plus, smaller business will seek the advice and assistance of small, private practices. For those with financial know-how, there are always employment opportunities in a big law firm.

Many large corporations require at least a few in-house counsel members that can provide advice and assistance in legal matters. If the company is needs to go to court, these persons would provide their representation. However, this is not their primary job requirement. That is to try and keep the business from having any legal issues arise and to advise on other business-related matters such as employment contracts.

Rather than being employed by someone else, some people will prefer to go into business for themselves. Those in private practice usually represent much smaller companies, which may not require assistance on a full-time basis. They will call upon the lawyer when the need for their services is necessary.

A corporate lawyer may also choose to pursue employment in the job market at one of the big firms that are already well-established. This usually requires at least some expertise of financial instruments or the field of economics. These persons usually review the documentation related to the marketing and offering of certain types of investment vehicles.

Related to this area, a lawyer at a big firm may also have knowledge related to mergers and acquisitions. These people must have at least some understanding of accounting and how businesses operate. Their expertise is relied upon in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

While an economy that is on a upswing is going to necessitate a greater need for the corporate lawyer, there are always corporate law jobs available. This is a broad field that requires a great deal of expertise in many different areas. The provision of different types of career opportunities makes it even more attractive.

what’s In A Name – Just Your Business Survival!

What’s so important about how I sign my name?”

I get asked that question all of the time from my business consulting clients.

I tell them that a better question to ask me is this:

“Who cares about how I sign my name?”

The answer is a simple one.


FINE PRINT: Except… your customers and clients, your creditors, your bank, your mortgage company, your landlord, the I.R.S… oh yes… and anyone else that wants to SUE YOU (and don’t forget ALL their lawyers!).

As in many areas of the law, the exception to the rule swallows up the rule!

What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s start with some basics. For instance, if you’ve already formed a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), you may think that you’re already protected from personal liability in the event of a lawsuit against your business.

In general, the rule is that a corporation or LLC, if formed correctly, and if all of the formalities required under the law of the State where the entity was formed are followed, does protect you from personal liability for business debts and lawsuits.

FINE PRINT: Except… when you choose to do business as an individual, and not as the corporation or LLC that you initially formed.

You see, whenever you sign documents like contracts, purchase orders, contractual agreements, leases, loans, mortgages, promissory notes, and most other legal documents involving your business, you need to make sure that you sign your name only in your business capacity.

You MUST avoid signing your name in your individual capacity.

And how do you do that? It’s pretty simple. You see, the format that you use to sign your name is the controlling factor.

In many cases, you as the business owner, sign your name without knowing how to properly sign your name to business documents. In fact, most business owners of corporations and LLC’s still sign legally binding agreements in their individual capacity…and not as the business.


If you have formed a corporation or an LLC, you must remember to sign all contracts, agreements, invoices, etc… as an agent of the business.

For example… Many business owners haphazardly, or perhaps inadvertently, sign legal documents like the format shown in

EXAMPLE 1 below:


John Doe

“But what is the consequence of signing my name like in EXAMPLE 1 above to invoices, agreements, or documents?”

EXAMPLE 1 and the above signature format legally establishes that YOU have signed the contract, invoice, loan, or agreement as an individual.

And not as an agent on behalf of your business.

If you sign your name to agreements in the form depicted in EXAMPLE 1 above, YOU could very well be liable personally to meet all of the terms of the agreement.

And you likely don’t want to do this!

Why Simply out, because you’re therefore subjecting all of your business assets and personal assets as well to the risk of a lawsuit.

If you sign agreements as depicted in EXAMPLE 1 above, YOU will very likely be named personally, as well as your business, in any lawsuit filed against the business.

Remember then:

Signing your name like in EXAMPLE 1 above DOES NOT establish that you have signed the agreement as an agent on behalf of your business.

“Okay. So how should I sign my name to my invoices, contracts, leases, loans, or any other business agreements?

What simple step can I take to protect my business, and my personal assets as well?


Make sure that you only sign legal documents, letters, memos, invoices, loans, leases, etc… as an agent of your business.

How must I sign my name to any legal document or agreement to show that I am signing only as an agent of my business?

Follow EXAMPLE 2 below:



BY: John Doe
President (Company Title)

If you sign your name on the dotted line following the exact format depicted in Example 2 above, you legally establish that you are only signing as an agent on behalf of the business…and not in your individual capacity.

But you MUST follow the Example 2 precisely.

CAVEAT: Another very important point on this topic.

AVOID SIGNING documents that state “PERSONAL GUARANTY” on them.

A Personal Guaranty is usually a separate legal document attached to the main agreement. You generally see a Personal Guaranty in a loan, mortgage, or lease. However, sometimes a Personal Guaranty can be established just by the way you sign the legal document, invoice, lease, or agreement.


Simple. If the agreement merely has a signature line that has your individual name on it without any reference to your business name, you are signing the document as a Personal Guaranty. You are therefore personally liable for that agreement if you sign the agreement with such a signature line.

But, what do I do if I am being required to sign a Personal Guaranty, like for a business loan or commercial lease for example?

If a Personal Guaranty is required, you or your lawyer should negotiate a limited period of time (the shortest possible) that the Personal Guaranty will bind you as an individual.

Remember, if you formed a corporation or LLC in the first place, you did it to avoid personal liability and to protect your personal assets. Anyone who does business with your company should, and usually does, know this. So, be careful. Other possibilities can be negotiated too. Just do your best not to sign in your personal capacity by signing a Personal Guaranty.

It’s important to remember to only sign legal documents, invoices, and even letters as an agent of your business. (Follow the format found in EXAMPLE 2 above).

How else can I make sure that I am signing my name properly to all of my business documents?

Call your attorney to review all of your agreements, invoices, leases, and legal documents BEFORE you sign them. Your attorney will offer sound advice that protects YOU, your loved ones, and your business.

Now, let’s review.

What’s in a name?

Well… besides your business…

…it could be all of YOUR personal and family assets!

The best advicve especially in the midst of tough economic times or a Recession, is to have any document you sign first reviewed by your lawyer or business consultant.

Copyright (c) 2008. Miguel Mendez, Jr. All rights reserved.

What You Should Know About Child Custody Law In Nevada

Child custody cases are difficult, expensive and emotional, both for clients and their lawyers. Child custody lawyers should be experienced enough, compassionate enough, and tough enough to either negotiate or litigate the easiest as well as the most complex in contentious custody cases that are pursued in Las Vegas, Nevada. Look for a law firm that has proven it can efficiently and aggressively handle these complex cases on behalf of their clients.

Child custody law in Nevada has undergone dramatic changes as a result of legislative and Nevada Supreme Court decisions.

*There is no longer a tender years doctrine. Mothers are no longer automatically preferred custodians, but have to prove their fitness just as fathers do.

*Nevada law has changed to favor joint legal and joint physical custody arrangements between parents, where the parents have an equal role in child rearing after divorce or separation.

*Non-custodial parents no longer have to settle for a simple every other weekend schedule. Parents are being required to alternate weeks, or divide the weeks equally, unless they can prove why joint physical custody is not in the best interest of their children.

*Las Vegas Child Custody lawyers have to be sharp enough to quickly analyze the given facts to advise their clients about whether to settle for joint physical custody or fight for primary custody. A recent Supreme Court decision has determined a parent having 40% of custody time qualifies as a joint physical custodian.

*Based upon the decision between primary custody and joint physical custody, parents have to deal with changing legal standards. And their decision impacts the amount child support, relocation issues, where the child attends school, tax deductions and other important parenting issues.

*Parents no longer have to have “equal time” to be considered joint physical custodians.

*Complex factors have to be presented to the Court to facilitate a wise decision to serve the best interest of the children, while not destroying the family.

For instance the “best interests of the child” standard is still the paramount consideration of the Court in Las Vegas Child Custody cases; but sometimes the best interests of the child conflict with a parent’s best interests. If the parents share legal and physical custody jointly, there is still child support to be paid by the parent who earns more than the other. The relocation to another state standards change based upon whether the parents share joint physical custody or whether the moving party has primary physical custody.

In Potter v. Potter the Nevada Supreme Court decided to make it extremely difficult for a joint physical custodian to relocate to another state without parental consent. With primary physical custody, a parent can more easily relocate.

Custody lawyers need to know how to advise clients and present custody cases to the Court to help their clients prevail. They should know the nuances in the law, and the individual preferences of the judges on how cases should be handled and presented.

Joint physical custody is easier to get, but it impacts child support and even school issues. Parents sharing physical custody who do not live in the same area of Las Vegas often cannot decide which school the child should attend.

The Nevada Supreme Court in the Rivero v. Rivero decision has further complicated the distinctions drawn between primary and joint physical custodians. Child custody lawyers unfamiliar with the nuances of these recent changes in the law can make litigating a family court case difficult for all parties involved.

Make sure your attorney emphasizes keeping clients informed, and cases are well prepared, so as to ensure the best chances of serving the children’s best interests, be it through settlement or litigation.

What To Do When You Fall Behind On Taxes

Ideally, you would never have situations in life when taxes become a problem. Unfortunately, life isn’t always ideal. Situations arise and you might find yourself well in over your head with tax debt. It can be a lonely place to be, and you might try to do everything you can to conquer the debt alone, but it can be a bit hard to catch up. If you find yourself in this situation, contact a tax attorney inSacramento. Here are some services a tax attorney can offer you.

1. They have the experience necessary to find the best solutions to your needs. They offer the skill of resourcefulness in knowing the laws and knowing the options. There are things that might be choices for you that you are unaware of. An experienced attorney is going to have your best interest in mind and discuss all the options with you.

2. A tax legal teamshould havecollective years of experience working with the Internal Revenue Service. They know how to find answers that can save you, as a taxpayer, hundreds or thousands of dollars. A tax attorney is familiar with the Internal Revenue Service’s policies.

3. The tax process is very complex. A tax attorney will work with you on a personal level to remedy your situation. Youwant to choose a law firm that is known for exceptional customer service. A firm focused on customer servicewill not take on so many clients that they are unable to give your case thetime and attention it deserves. Ask a potential law firm what their case load is, andfind out what their preferred method of communication is. If you call or emaila law firm and are on hold fora long time or youdon’t hear back for more than a couple days,then that law firm is probably not ideal foryou.

4. Tax attorneys offer services relating to tax settlement, IRS installment agreements, IRS bank levy releases, IRS wage garnishment releases, and much more.

5. You want a law firm that keeps your financial well-being in mind and offers services at a fair cost. They might also charge different fees depending on what your income is, making it affordable for you.
You don’t need to struggle alone when faced with tax issues. A tax attorney inSacramentocan help.

What Type Of Legal Services Carl Ceder Offers!

When it comes to protecting your legal rights, having a good attorney by your side is definitely the golden rule. And as Carl Ceder underlines, each individual is entitled to the best defense in court! It is for this reason that Carl David Ceder is committed in offering each client the best defense policy! The main areas of practice include assault and drug charges, sex offenses, jail release, appeals, white collar crime, with a particular focus on charges of DWI, Driving While Intoxicated. For learning further information, contact him via email or phone!

A great attorney is that attorney who is 100% committed and passionate about the fight for protecting individual rights. And this is exactly what Carl Ceder guarantees each client: a winning strategy! Together with his expert staff, Carl David Ceder prepares each case with maximum of attention. Using an aggressive (positively aggressive!) attitude, this Texan attorney offers legal guidance for several types of charges.

So, when exactly you can call Carl Ceder? Well, its simple: any time you need specialized legal expertise for a variety of situations. The list of services provided includes assault, theft and drug chargers as well as record sealing, jail release, writ bonds and white collar crimes. Among the other important areas of practice Carl David Ceder has specialized in, we can mention appeals and federal defense, divorce and child custody issues.

Besides Family Law, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury, Carl Ceder will provide assistance any time needed for charges of DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). Actually, this is one of the domains where Carl David Ceder has some years of experience, thus combining a solid theoretical preparation with tips and knowledge accumulated from years of practice.

As it turns out, when it comes to a solid court defense, is not enough to hire an attorney who knows legal practice only from books and courses. What you need is a combination of experience and theory, a smart combination that can lead to the best results! Well, Carl David Ceder does just that: he backs up theory with precedents. And, as his records show, its a combination always 100% successful!

The truth is that Carl Ceder covers many legal areas. For a clear idea on whether he can provide legal assistance for your case or not, its recommended to contact his office by email or phone. And if you want to learn more on the success rate of the cases handled by this highly competent Texan attorney all you have to do is take a look at his official webpage.

Protecting your legal rights and facing the charges in the best way possible cannot be done unless you receive the best assistance. So, dont think twice and dont make any compromises: hire the most competent attorney for the best defense! Fight for your rights by the side of a great legal practitioner!

Sheffield Conveyancing Lawyer And Fraudulent Behaviour In Property Transactions

One expects to be entering into a professional and legal arrangement where there is a mutual respect for the other’s interests when you visit anybody in the legal profession, or any other profession for that matter.

Now, this is not to say that one should enter into any arrangement blindly, without checking out the repercussions of such a business deal, yet there is a certain amount of honour that one expects simply to be implicit within the bond.

Unfortunately, there are people who will take advantage of good natured people and use this to swindle them out of their money in any business, even the legal profession. When a crooked Sheffield conveyancing solicitor was found to be ripping of homeowner’s through systematic cheating, this was the unfortunate case.

The lawyer, who worked for a leading Sheffield law firm had been a former partner within the firm and was well respected, not only in the community but in the legal circles that he frequented. However, after a client made a complaint about him, the mystery to the missing hundreds of pounds that had disappeared from his previous clients’ deals began to unravel and his scam was exposed.

This abuse of trust was made easy by his level of seniority in the company, which makes it all the more serious as he could have had access to much more funding, given more time to plan; the solicitor was in charge of arranging house sales which included a lot of money handling, providing him with an easy option to skim some extra money off the top of the company’s profits.

An internal audit saw that the lawyer had been secretly pocketing cash from conveyancing deals that should have gone straight to the firm, by demanding that invoices and cheques be made out to his name as opposed to the firm’s.

This was still a clear case of gross misconduct and the solicitor has been struck off the legal register and although no clients technically lost any money because of his underhand dealings as the money was destined to go to the firm, the firm now has a long way to go in regaining their reputation as a top Sheffield law firm.

This abuse of power is despicable, however you should not allow one story about a crooked lawyer put you off seeking legal advice from solicitors; if you do have any queries about the conveyancing process then you should compare the market of Sheffield conveyancing solicitors, before deciding on one that you can trust.

Introducing Criminal Law

Criminal LawMurder, rape, burglary. These are what we know today as crimes, but it was not always so. Back in Roman times these were simply offenses against the individual. It was not until later on in post-Roman Europe that concept of offenses against the social order emerged. These offenses are so serious that they are dealt with by separate laws. Criminal law.

If you commit an offense that harms society as a whole then you will be subject to the penalties determined by criminal law. If you commit an offense that harms only an individual then you will be subject to the penalties determined by civil law. Under criminal law a defendant is likely to face jail time, whereas under civil law a financial penalty is a more likely punishment.

For a crime to have been committed two conditions need to be present: the criminal must have had a criminal intent, and they have to have undertaken the act. Mens rea is the legal term for criminal intent, and actus reus is the legal term for having committed the act. There are some rare crimes that do not need these two conditions to be present, and these are crimes of strict liability. With these crimes it does not matter whether there was intent or not.

State statutes, case law and federal statutes are the three main ways that crimes are defined. Of these the most interesting is case law. Case law emerges from specific trials, where judges publish their rational for rulings. These opinions serve as precedents for future cases. However, exactly what constitutes a crime is sufficiently broad for defense lawyers to make arguments case by case.

There are a number of elements that make up a criminal offense, and in the US criminal justice system the main thing that is debated in the trial courtrooms nationwide is whether each of these elements was present. This holds true whether the trial is in the state courts, federal courts, or special state criminal courts

What Is Lexpert And CongratulationsSiskinds

A Lexpert is an award that is given to lawyers who have proven success in their practice for more than forty years. This award extends to all aspects of their practice including promoting change for their clients, firms, colleagues and community.

The 2012 Award Goes to Siskinds

Siskinds Law Firm has been honoured with this award for their success in the field. James Caskey and Scott Richie have been practicing law for over forty years and have the privilege of being able to add these awards to the firm’s growing number of designations and recognition that has made the firm one of the most successful practices in the country.

As multi-disciplinary lawyers, their firm, which consists of over 100 expert practicing lawyers, has touched the lives of thousands of people. As personal injury lawyers, their firm has to be dedicated to assisting people receive the financial support that they are owed, and have missed out on, due to not being able to work or live their lifestyles as they normally would. As bankruptcy lawyers, they have helped their clients to begin the process of starting over.

It’s not all About the Practice

However, it’s not just about their clients. The award-winning barristers have mentored new lawyers and have helped them to integrate into the profession and have been motivators, mentors, and an inspiration to those around them.

A large part of being awarded the Lexpert Zenith award is being a success in all areas of practice but not simply on a professional level. This also includes putting the best interests of the client first, hosting events that works toward the greater good of the community, and being a friend to fellow barristers. Both Mr. Richie and Caskey have a number of testimonials and well-wishes after it was announced that they had been awarded the Lexpert Zenith for 2012. Some of these include:

-Jamie and Scott are stellar examples of what innovation, leadership and mentorship in law are. They embody legal acumen, civility and integrity with a grace few possess. Thank you to both for their kind support and encouragement over the years. An excellent example is the strongest force of change.- -Anna Szczurko, Associate

-Congratulations to both Jim and Scott for a lifetime of service to the profession. Both Jim and Scott embody the very best qualities of a barrister in both their professional and personal lives. Each represents a professional who gives thoughtful and able counsel, are respected by their clients and fellow practitioners, and are guided by honour and a sense of fair play. The profession has benefitted by their membership for a generation. I am privileged to have been associated with Jim and Scott during my time at Siskinds LLP.- – Gregory Clark, Partner

This award will serve as a motivator for other lawyers who strive to be the best barrister for their community, firm and clients. Siskinds promises another forty years of talent and the best lawyers in the industry. Visit,  Siskinds Law Firm

A DUI Lawyer Can Help You Through The Legal Process

Driving drunk, buzzed or blitzed is more than just a dangerous and stupid decision; it can also result in the loss of time and money, and require the services of a DUI lawyer. And because the consequence of this offense are so severe, it’s important to understand all of the legal steps that are taken to arrive at a conviction, starting with how an impaired driver ends up in the legal system to start with. Drivers who are pulled over for driving while impaired generally are pulled over by the police for another traffic offense such as weaving, speeding, erratic driving or failing to yield. Or they are involved in or the cause of an automobile accident.

Once a police officer has probable cause to pull a driver over, they can make an assessment based on the appearance of the driver to do a field sobriety test. This assessment can include the smell of alcohol on the driver, blood shot eyes, slurred speech and other indicators that the driver is driving impaired. At this point an officer has enough probable cause to warrant a field sobriety test. A driver who fails this field sobriety test or refuses to take the test will automatically, under Arizona law, lose their driver’s license for a period of ninety days.

The cost for a DUI can be extensive. In Arizona, jail time for a conviction is mandatory and repeat offenders may be sentenced to a longer jail sentence with each offense. In addition to jail time, losing a driver’s license and mandatory monetary fines, a conviction for a DUI offense also means mandatory alcohol education classes, possible vehicle confiscation and possible court ordered drug and alcohol counseling.

If you are arrested for this crime, hiring a DUI lawyer may be your only hope of either being found innocent of the charges or receiving a lighter sentence. And while jail time is mandatory upon conviction and an area your attorney won’t be able to influence, other aspects of your sentence do have some wiggle worm your attorney can work with. Things such as monetary fines, the length of time your license is suspended for, the possibility of getting a hardship license to drive to and from work, for example, are all areas of the punishment aspect that an attorney can help with and work to minimize.

If you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the most important first step you need to take is to contact a DUI lawyer immediately in order to protect your future civil and legal rights before its to late.

A DUI lawyer in Mesa, AZ offers a whole variety of different services to the accused and convicted. They want to help you, so learn more here: