What You Meant By Outsourcing Legal Services

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a field in outsourcing that involves high value added services. Practice of a law firm obtaining legal support services from a third party service provider is referred as Legal outsourcing. If the outsourced unit is based in another country then, the practice is known as off shoring.
At initial stage legal outsourcing involved only low-end works, for eg: transcription. Later this was enlarged to specialized task such as legal research, library services, pre-litigation document creation, consultation, application drafting, analysis, and so on. Now LPO has grown as a mainstream profession for offshore lawyers, attorneys and law firms.
Legal outsourcing can be classified into two processes. They are low skilled quantitative tasks or high end qualitative tasks.

Low skilled quantitative tasks include the following:

Paralegal services and legal coding
Corporate secretarial services
Legal memo development
Document management
Litigation support
Data entry

High end qualitative tasks include the following:

Intellectual property rights (IPR)
Patent search and application drafting
Trade mark and copyright registration
Legal research
Document review and analysis and intelligence services.

Outsourcing legal work helps to save up to 50% or more.
As The New York Times reported: The reason for the shift [to outsourcing legal work] echoes the reason companies are sending other work abroad: they save substantial amounts of money. Some companies say they can reduce certain legal costs by as much as 50 percent, and receive work that rivals what they can obtain in the United States. According to Dennis Archer, the President of the American Bar Association, The need to cut costs reaches across many departments, so it should be no surprise that it goes to the legal department as well.
Law firms across the world can significantly gain from offshoring legal services to India.
Besides savings, these legal services will also provide a gateway to well experienced legal experts in India.
Article by Remya Rajesh
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